Hattat Compact Series is designed to meet all needs of our farmers. High performance and dimensions are ideal for operation both in field and in garden.

Combining maximum performance with low fuel consumption, Perkins motors provide perfect traction. You will complete your agricultural activities and transportation applications in a short time period with the wide speed range.

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C 3000
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Powerful and Long Lasting Perkins

Hattat Compact Tractors show up in Turkish stages with Perkins motors known around the world for their technology and quality. Perkins motors forms the new definition of the motor with long service life and high performance. Operating smoothly for hundreds of hours without any maintenance requirement, Perkins motors are useful and affordable for your works.

Performance and Economy Together

Running with maximum performance even at works requiring high power, our motors guarantees smooth traction in the garden, field and transportation. Having Perkins 3 cylinder motors, Hattat Compact series will be reason for preference with more efficient fuel consumption.

Both Environment Friendly and High Performance

Turbo Intercooler system reducing fuel consumption by ensuring more efficient fuel combustion contributes to higher performance operation of the motor. Euro 3 motors are more affordable and more sensitive to the environment.

Large Fuel Tank & Dry Air Filter

You’ll be more at ease during work with redesigned fuel tank with 70 lt capacity, allowing comfortable operation even in bumpy lands, featuring easy diesel refill. We secure your fuel with lockable tank cover

Full Synchromesh Transmission

Full synchromesh structure facilitates gear shifts while spiral gear (helical gear) structure ensures silent operation of transmission.

Gear Ratio

All your works turn into pleasure with 12 forward and 12 reverse shifts providing optimum speed levels with which you can perform your field operations more safely and quickly. Roads become shorter, fuel efficiency is achieved via accelerated 16+8 shifts.

Easy Forward and Reverse Movement

You can reverse your movement direction with a single lever due to shuttle mechanical lever provided with 12 forward 12 reverse shifts, and perform your transportation and field operations easier, save from time and fuel.

Differential Lock

4x4 differential lock with button at models C 3065 and C 3080 and with mechanical control at other models prevents you from losing the command by maintaining the speed and direction of your tractor by ensuring common movement of all wheels when tractor becomes unbalanced.

More Efficient Braking

Safety of your life and property is in safe hands with multi disc and hydraulic oil brakes, offering perfect braking. More active braking is waiting for you with 4WD 4 wheel braking system with button at models C 3065 and C 3080.

Maintenance Friendly Front Axle System

3 part front axle system developed and manufactured by Hema A.Ş., being under the umbrella of Hattat Holding like Hattat Tarım, allows for quick and affordable maintenance.

  • Tractor weight is distributed instantly and equally to each wheel at challenging land conditions and steep areas via LS (Limited slip) anti skid system so that balance is maintained and rollover is avoided.

  • Depending on tire size, it provides manoeuvrability in narrower areas via 40 - 520* turning angle, saves time and fuel.



PTO Rotational Speeds

Double power take off is provided as standard for all models (only 540 at C 3050) and operates independently. You can increase your productivity and save from fuel by using the option 540 rpm for your applications requiring power and the option 540E (750) rpm for your PTO works not requiring much power.

Powerful PTO

You can operate any equipment without effort even with 50 hp models via PTO with increased torque for operating your equipment requiring power with less fuel consumption and maximum performance.

Powerful Hydraulic Arms & Lift with External Cylinder

We provide the opportunity of smoother and safer operation with the new lift designed with the external cylinder designed by world brand HEMA ENDÜSTRİ A.Ş., developed by our R&D engineers, and with a lifting capacity of 3000 kg (at models C 3065 and C 3080). Also, adjustment mechanisms at both hanger arms will help you to operate the equipment correctly.

Hydraulic Lift Functions

Enabling position and depth adjustment per hardness of your soil, hydraulic system allows you to work more efficiently with your equipment.

Single Button Fixed Operation Settings

Enjoy continuing your work without changing your depth and precision settings at the beginning of rows by controlling your equipment with a single button.

Quick and Practical Equipment Change

Easily adjustable side hanger arms facilitate equipment change and field works. ELC arm behind the cab allows you to perform equipment connection and removal operations quicker.

Hydraulic Output & Hydraulic Mid-Arm

You can easily operate any equipment matching today’s technology due to 4 hydraulic outputs and Hydraulic Mid-Arm provided as standard in Luxury models with cab.

Durable Fixed & Adjustable Draw

You can use either fixed or adjustable pehlivan draw individually or together. It’s possible to work without interruption with the capability of comfortable and sharp turns at the beginning of rows particularly with shaft equipment due to the inclination given to the frame of adjustable pehlivan draw.



Maximum Comfort Maximum Command

Driver’s seat which will make you feel at home with its comfort and which you can change per your operating conditions with adjustable feature doesn’t make you feel tired at field and transportation operations. Perfectly positioned driver’s seat provides you with a wide vision facilitating control of your equipment.

Ergonomic Gear Shift Levers

Lever knobs facilitating handling with its ergonomic design provides a comfortable and enjoyable usage with their positions in the platform.

Control Levers & Dashboard

All functions of your tractor is right under your nose via easy to use and ergonomic multi functional dashboard.

Adjustable Steering Wheel

You can set the height of the steering wheel per your driving position via adjustable steering wheel designed for your comfort, and perform your operation without getting tired.

User Friendly Pedals

Placed in the optimum position considering the driver’s comfort, hanging type pedals facilitate operation, helping driver to work for long hours without getting tired thanks to its softness.

Functional Support & Modern Radiator-Air Filter

Battery concealed in front support and allowing easy maintenance. You can secure your tractor with the circuit breaker ensuring complete shut down of electrical circuit when tractor is stopped.

  • The distance between radiators has been extended. You’ll have the opportunity of more comfortable cleaning, long time operation due to the screen used at aluminium radiators.

  • Powercore air filter with 2 times more powerful filtering and minimized service frequency is provided as standard is Compact series.

Power losses and fuel consumption of the tractor has been reduced due to these improvements.



Excellent Weight Distribution

Unique weight distribution of Hattat Compact series designed by considering conditions in Turkey provides maximum traction even in challenging conditions.

Higher Traction Performance

You can ensure maximum productivity and minimum cost by balancing the front and rear weights required per working conditions.

Lower Distance

You can perform your operations without damaging products due to high distance from the ground.


Wide wheelbase of Hattat Compact series provides superior traction by uniquely distributing the weight between front and rear parts.

Track Width Options

We provide the optimum alternative for your applications with the option of different track width.



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Özellikler Tavsiye Edilen Perakende Satış Fiyatı – KDV Dahildir
C-30554R2022 / Rops / 4WD-EL-540/540E / 12+12 / 14,9/13-28 117.819,64 ₺
C-30554R2035 / Rosp / 4WD-EL-540/540E / 12+12 / 340/85R28 119.837,76 ₺
C-30554R2088 / Rops / 4WD-EL-540/540E / 12+12 / 14,9/13-30 119.105,17 ₺
C-30554R2096 / Rops / 4WD-EL-540/540E / 12+12 / 380/85R30 121.788,22 ₺
C-30554K2042 / Kabin / 4WD-EL-540/540E-KAB (EKO) / 12+12 / 14,9/13-28 127.910,23 ₺
C-30554K2055 / Kabin / 4WD-EL-540/540E-KAB (EKO) / 12+12 / 340/85R28 129.928,35 ₺
C-30554K2108 / Kabin / 4WD-EL-540/540E-KAB (EKO) / 12+12 / 14,9/13-30 129.195,76 ₺
C-30554K2116 / Kabin / 4WD-EL-540/540E-KAB (EKO) / 12+12 / 380/85R30 131.878,80 ₺
C-30554R3022 / Rops / 4WD-EL-540/540E / 16+8 / 14,9/13-28 115.897,63 ₺
C-30554R3035 / Rops / 4WD-EL-540/540E / 16+8 / 340/85R28 117.915,74 ₺
C-30554R3088 / Rops / 4WD-EL-540/540E / 16+8 / 14,9/13-30 117.183,15 ₺
C-30554R3096 / Rops / 4WD-EL-540/540E / 16+8 / 380/85R30 119.866,20 ₺
C-30554K3042 / Kabin / 4WD-EL-540/540E-KAB (EKO) / 16+8 / 14,9/13-28 125.988,21 ₺
C-30554K3055 / Kabin / 4WD-EL-540/540E-KAB (EKO) / 16+8 / 340/85R28 128.006,33 ₺
C-30554K3108 / Kabin / 4WD-EL-540/540E-KAB (EKO) / 16+8 / 14,9/13-30 127.273,74 ₺
C-30554K3116 / Kabin / 4WD-EL-540/540E-KAB (EKO) / 16+8 / 380/85R30 129.956,79 ₺
C-30654R2056 / Rops / 4WD-EL-HDİF-H4WD-540/540E / 12+12 / 380/85R30 134.075,99 ₺
C-30654R2067 / Rops / 4WD-EL-HDİF-H4WD-540/540E / 12+12 / 12,4/11-36 131.721,98 ₺
C-30654C2106 / Kabin / 4WD-EL-HDİF-H4WD-540/540E-KL / 12+12 / 380/85R30 151.865,44 ₺
C-30654C2117 / Kabin / 4WD-EL-HDİF-H4WD-540/540E-KL / 12+12 / 12,4/11-36 149.688,87 ₺
C-30654R3036 / Rops / 4WD-EL-HDİF-H4WD-540/540E / 16+8 / 380/85R30 132.029,02 ₺
C-30654C3066 / Kabin / 4WD-EL-HDİF-H4WD-540/540E-KL / 16+8 / 380/85R30 149.400,09 ₺
C-30804R2056 / Rops / 4WD-EL-HDİF-H4WD-540/540E / 12+12 / 380/85R30 148.255,89 ₺
C-30804R2067 / Rops / 4WD-EL-HDİF-H4WD-540/540E / 12+12 / 12,4/11-36 145.766,92 ₺
C-30804C2106 / Kabin / 4WD-EL-HDİF-H4WD-540/540E-KL / 12+12 / 380/85R30 165.369,90 ₺
C-30804C2117 / Kabin / 4WD-EL-HDİF-H4WD-540/540E-KL / 12+12 / 12,4/11-36 163.088,94 ₺
C-30804R3036 / Rops / 4WD-EL-HDİF-H4WD-540/540E / 16+8 / 380/85R30 145.511,57 ₺
C-30804C3066 / Kabin / 4WD-EL-HDİF-H4WD-540/540E-KL / 16+8 / 380/85R30 163.296,30 ₺