How To Start The Motor?

You must use starter motor while starting your tractor. Starting your tractor by pulling or driving downhill is not healthy for your vehicle.


Which Track Width To Use For Operating At Inclined Lands?

Operating with high track width and low speed is recommended during operation at inclined lands. Because the possibility of having accident will increase as your speed level increases.


Which Conditions To Benefit Warranty?

You can use the right of warranty during the specified warranty period, when you have period maintenance completely and regularly at authorized service, in absence of user related failure or accident, when equipment not complying with your tractor and tractor performance is not used, and when you don’t use the tractor for any purpose other than agricultural purposes.


When Does Warranty Period Start?

Tractors are under the warranty of Hattat Traktör for 2 years or 3000 hours starting from the date you received.


How Many Types Of Maintenance Are There?

Daily Maintenance: The checks which don’t require any assembly and can be performed by own ability of the user such as motor oil and coolant level check and cleaning of radiator coils and leakage check (diesel, oil). It’s requested not to ignore daily maintenance for motor not to overheat in particular.

Periodic Maintenance: The maintenance performed via use of equipment only by the authorized services appointed by Hattat Traktör and that must definitely be performed at intervals specified in the tractor operating manual.


What Must Be The Air Pressure Of The Tire?

Tire pressure must be visually checked externally before starting operation with your tractor. If more wear is observed on both sides of the tires than the middle part, it means they run under low pressure, and if more wear is observed in the middle part of the tire than the side surfaces, it means they run under high pressure. İdeal air pressure of tire is different for every tractor. Perform your settings according to the values specified in the operating manual provided upon purchase of tractor for not damaging your tires.


I Inspected Your Tractors On The Web Site, However I Want To Have More Detailed Information, May I Get The Closest Dealer Information For My Location?

You can use Dealer Finder link, clicking on current city and find out our closest dealer, and get more detailed information on the desired models by visiting or calling our relevant dealer.


May I Have Information About The Prices Of Your Products?

Hattat Traktör has Hattat and Valtra branded tractors under its umbrella. Hattat brand has products in garden, multi (compact) and field segments; while Valtra brand has products in field segment. You can find out the prices of products considered to be purchased by checking recommended price list on our web site.


I’d Like To Visit Your Plant, Could You Help Me Out In This Matter?

Production plants of Hattat Traktör, which displays a consistent growth since 1998, are at Çerkezköy. Our farmers visiting our plant via our dealers regularly every year have the opportunity of observing preparation stages of our products by walking around our production plants. You can consult our closest dealer for you to visit us.


Do I Pay A Fee For Maintenance?

No workmanship fee is collected for driver training, 100 hour maintenance, 250 hour maintenance and 500 hour maintenance. Parts called as consumables such as motor oil, oil filter ... etc. are subject to fees. Workmanship fees belong to the user for maintenance performed after 500 hours.