Hattat Bahçe Series is your new assistant at vineyards and gardens with suitable dimensional sizes and performance. While ergonomic structure provide comfortable drive, superior manoeuvrability allows for easy turns without any effort.

Provides ideal working conditions for vegetable and fruit gardens with its high underbody distance and low total height. Increases your alternatives for selection of Bahçe Series equipment having high lifting capacity. You’ll save from fuel while obtaining suitable road and field speeds with high tech Perkins motors.

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Powerful and Long Lasting Perkins

Hattat Tractor brings Perkins, one of the biggest motor manufacturers in the world, together with farmers. Design masterpiece Perkins motors provide use with the performance and quality expected from a motor with its long and smooth service life. Running for hundreds of hours without any maintenance, Perkins helps your work, protects your pocket.

Powerful and Affordable Motor

Providing high horse power and torque values, the motors provide a performance beyond your expectations. Minimum fuel consumption and maximum performance combined by Perkins 3 cylinder motors.

Turbo Intercooler & Stage 3A / 3B

Turbo Intercooler system contributes to low fuel consumption by enabling much more efficient combustion of your diesel. Stage 3A / 3B environmentalist motors invest less in your work with low fuel consumption while more in your future with less gas emission.

High Fuel Capacity & Air Filter

You’ll forget replenishing fuel with 74 lt fuel capacity and ergonomic fuel tank. Your motor will operate with maximum performance without any change of its sound even in dusty environments due to the dry air filter which can be serviced easily and quickly.

Full Synchromesh Structure

Full synchromesh structure facilitates gear shifts while spiral gear (helical gear) structure ensures silent operation of transmission.

Gear Ratio

We allow you to perform your garden workmanship easier and faster with 12 forward and 12 reverse shifts above its class. Distances get shorter with accelerated 16+8, it’s fuel efficient.

Shuttle Transmission

Shuttle (forward- reverse) mechanical level allows you to change the movement direction of tractor with a single movement. For garden and greenhouse works, it allows saving time and fuel by providing practicality during transportation and loading.

Differential Lock

All wheels move simultaneously and traction power is increased with differential lock (with button) of 12+12 transmissions at our models B 3065 and B 3080.

Higher Performance Braking

Enjoy perfect braking an safe driving with multi disc and oil type brakes. Braking with 12+12 shift specific 4 wheels makes stopping your tractor easier with a small touch.

Front Axle

Front axle system developed and manufactured by Hema, the sister company of Hattat Tarım, and consisting of 3 parts allows you to perform easy, quick and affordable maintenance. LS (Limited slip) anti skid system helps the driver recover the command much more quickly by ensuring equal and simultaneous distribution of the weight between right and left wheels in case of skidding. Depending on tire size, it provides manoeuvrability in narrower areas via 40 - 52* turning angle, saves time and fuel.



PTO Speed Options

Provided as standard in all models (only 540 at B 3050) and being able to operate independently, double speed power take off provides you with flexibility and savings at different applications. While performing your demanding applications via 540 rpm, you’ll benefit from performing not very demanding PTO operations with low fuel consumption via the option 540E (750).

PTO with Increased Torque

Get the opportunity of using your high pressure equipment requiring extra PTO power with lowest fuel consumption and highest performance via the feature of PTO with Increased Torque.

High Lifting Capacity & Auxiliary Cylinder

You can easily use all the equipment needed in the gardening segment due to high lifting capacity. Hydraulic lift with newly designed external cylinder allows tractor to perform its duties with relative ease.

Hydraulic Lift Settings

Position setting adjusts requested depth while precision setting adjusts soil hardness precision and provides you with the opportunity of more efficient operation.

Easy Equipment Control

Enjoy continuing the same work without changing your depth and precision settings by controlling the equipment with a single button.

Adjustable Side Hanger Arms

You can perform your field operations without trouble with easily adjustable side hanger arms.

Hydraulic Output

Quartet hydraulic output at Hatta Bahçe series for easily operating your well equipped equipment...

Multi Functional Fixed & Adjustable Draw

You can use either fixed or adjustable pehlivan draw individually or together. It’s possible to work without interruption with the capability of comfortable and sharp turns at the beginning of rows particularly with shaft equipment due to the inclination given to the frame of adjustable pehlivan draw.



Comfort and Control

Adjustable driver’s seat will be equally good as the comfort in your house while driving in the field or on the roads. It will facilitate your works with perfect vision at any type of equipment and field condition.

Smooth Gear Shifts

Designed with smooth transition and ergonomically, gear shift levers neither tires the user nor disturbs you at sitting position.

Ergonomic Control Levers & Easy to Use Dashboard

Easy to use and ergonomic multi functional dashboard where you can easily control all its functions will increase your command of the tractor.

Adjustable Steering Wheel

You can set height of the steering wheel per your driving position and working conditions via adjustable steering wheel and perform your operations without getting tired.

Folding Signals

Signals are automatically folded inwards in case of a collision and allows for comfortable operation at narrow areas so that lamps are protected.

Folding Robes

You can safely operate your tractor on the road via folding robes, and work comfortably by folding robes in areas with shrubs or low areas.

Hanger Type Pedals

Soft pedals placed optimally per driving position has an ergonomics not tiring the driver during operation.



Perfect Weight Distribution

Having perfect weight distribution designed per conditions in Turkey by Turkish engineers, Hattat Bahçe series is at your disposal with superior traction.

For Extra Traction

Allowing traction increase with extra weights per operating conditions, Hatta Bahçe series provides great advantage with total tractor weight.

High Lower Distance

Your operational efficiency will increase with the high lower distance with which you’ll perform your operation without damaging your products at garden operations.

Efficient Operation in Narrow Areas

The joy of operating easily at congested areas in vineyards and gardens with its narrow structure is unique. Yet, it has maximum grip at bumpy lands with balanced weight distribution.


Hatta Bahçe series allows for perfect traction and grip with proper wheelbase and balanced weight distribution.


You can work without damaging trees, branches and fruits in your gardens due to its low structure.

Track Width

It’s yet another thing to find optimum track width options for different products and applications at your disposal via Hatta Bahçe series providing different track width option.



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Özellikler Tavsiye Edilen Perakende Satış Fiyatı – KDV Dahildir
B-30552R2000 / Rops / 2WD-EL-540/540E / 12+12 / 13,6/12-24 96.261,94 ₺
B-30552R2011 / Rops / 2WD-EL-540/540E / 12+12 / 340/85R28 97.836,15 ₺
B-30554R2023 / Rops / 4WD-EL-540/540E / 12+12 / 380/70R24 115.023,90 ₺
B-30554R2034 / Rops / 4WD-EL-540/540E / 12+12 / 380/85R24 115.487,71 ₺
B-30554R2045 / Rops / 4WD-EL-540/540E / 12+12 / 340/85R28 116.508,08 ₺
B-30552R3000 / Rops / 2WD-EL-540/540E / 16+8 / 13,6/12-24 94.497,28 ₺
B-30552R3011 / Rops / 2WD-EL-540/540E / 16+8 / 340/85R28 96.071,50 ₺
B-30554R3023 / Rops / 4WD-EL-540/540E / 16+8 / 380/70R24 113.168,68 ₺
B-30554R3034 / Rops / 4WD-EL-540/540E / 16+8 / 380/85R24 113.632,48 ₺
B-30554R3045 / Rops / 4WD-EL-540/540E / 16+8 / 340/85R28 114.652,86 ₺
B-30652R2003 / Rops / 2WD-EL-540/540E / 12+12 / 380/70R24 112.153,81 ₺
B-30652R2015 / Rops / 2WD-EL-540/540E / 12+12 / 340/85R28 112.925,29 ₺
B-30654R2023 / Rops / 4WD-EL-HDİF-H4WD-540/540E / 12+12 / 380/70R24 129.086,60 ₺
B-30654R2034 / Rops / 4WD-EL-HDİF-H4WD-540/540E / 12+12 / 380/85R24 129.581,94 ₺
B-30654R2045 / Rops / 4WD-EL-HDİF-H4WD-540/540E / 12+12 / 340/85R28 130.671,70 ₺
B-30652R3003 / Rops / 2WD-EL-540/540E / 16+8 / 380/70R24 110.225,11 ₺
B-30652R3015 / Rops / 2WD-EL-540/540E / 16+8 / 340/85R28 110.996,59 ₺
B-30654R3023 / Rops / 4WD-EL-HDİF-H4WD-540/540E / 16+8 / 380/70R24 127.105,22 ₺
B-30654R3034 / Rops / 4WD-EL-HDİF-H4WD-540/540E / 16+8 / 380/85R24 127.600,57 ₺
B-30654R3045 / Rops / 4WD-EL-HDİF-H4WD-540/540E / 16+8 / 340/85R28 128.690,32 ₺
B-30804R2004 / Rops / 4WD-EL-HDİF-H4WD-540/540E / 12+12 / 380/85R24 139.197,94 ₺
B-30804R2015 / Rops / 4WD-EL-HDİF-H4WD-540/540E / 12+12 / 340/85R28 140.250,21 ₺
B-30804R2023 / Rops / 4WD-EL-HDİF-H4WD-540/540E / 12+12 / 380/70R24 138.701,58 ₺
B-30804R3004 / Rops / 4WD-EL-HDİF-H4WD-540/540E / 16+8 / 380/85R24 137.212,51 ₺
B-30804R3015 / Rops / 4WD-EL-HDİF-H4WD-540/540E / 16+8 / 340/85R28 138.264,79 ₺
B-30804R3023 / Rops / 4WD-EL-HDİF-H4WD-540/540E / 16+8 / 380/70R24 136.716,16 ₺