Hattat Field series is at disposal of our farmers with the maximum performance provided under challenging operation conditions.

Known for quality and long lifetime, Perkins engine saves from fuel while generating maximum performance. Long wheel base increases traction power while providing perfect weight distribution. Various shift options provide optimum speeds for your field, road and transportation operations.

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Powerful and Long Lasting Perkins

Technological and quality Perkins engine is market’s main squeeze in Turkey and the World. High performance and smooth operation are combined at Perkins engines. Minimizing your maintenance costs, Perkins engines run perfectly for hundreds of hours without any intervention.

Maximum Performance - Minimum Fuel Consumption

Hattat 4000 series tractors are equipped with Perkins engines, one of the today’s high end engines. Being live at any rpm, engines provide maximum performance at your applications requiring high horse power and torque.

High Performance Environmentalist Engines

Enabling more efficient diesel combustion, Turbo-Intercooler system minimizes your operating costs by consuming less fuel. Stage 3A engines protects the environment without compromising its performance.

High Fuel Capacity & Maintenance Friendly Air Filter

A long and uninterrupted operation is waiting for your with large and ergonomic fuel tank storage of 125 litres. You can enhance your motor performance by practically and quickly cleaning maintenance friendly dry type Powercore air filter and obtain maximum performance for a long time.

Full Synchromesh Gearbox

Full synchromesh structure facilitates gear shifts while spiral gear (helical gear) structure ensures silent operation. We provide opportunity of comfortable operation without trouble via Clutch and PTO Hi-Shift feature at models 4090 and 4100.

Extensive Speed Options

You field works have been made easier, quicker and less fuel consuming with new 24+24 transmission. 12 forward 12 reverse shift options provide the optimum speed options for your transportation and agricultural applications.

Easy Forward and Reverse Shifts

You can save from time and fuel by easily changing the direction of movement of your tractor during transportation, loading and field operations with the sub-steering wheel shuttle unit.

Differential Lock

All wheels move together with 4x4 and differential lock with button for 24+24 and 12+12 shifts option, superior traction and comfort drive is achieved.

Under Your Control

Multi disc and oil type brakes provide perfect braking an safe drive. You’ll feel safer at your equipment and transportation operations with 4 wheel braking system specific to 24+24 and 12+12 shifts (4WD with button) option.

3 Part Front Axle System

3 part front axle system developed and manufactured by Hema, which is an organization of Hattat Holding like Hatta Tarım, and providing easy and quick maintenance minimizes your maintenance costs.

LS (Limited slip) anti skid system will ensure that motor torque is transferred equally to every wheel under challenging road and weather conditions, increase gripping capability of the tractor in the field and on the road.



Efficient Operation with 2 Different PTO Speeds

Provided as standard in all models of Hattat Tarla series and being able to operate independently, double speed power take off makes different field applications easy, helping you to save money. PTO run in is enabled with a button at models 4090 and 4100.

You can increase your productivity and save money by using the option 540 rpm for your applications requiring power and the option 540E (750) for your PTO works providing fuel economy without much power requirement.

Powerful Hydraulic Levers

Working with equipped, demanding equipments of the field segment is getting easy due to high lifting capacity. The performance of hydraulic lift is increased further with auxiliary cylinders and operation with maximum performance is allowed.

Productivity Enhancing Hydraulic Settings

Hydraulic speed setting, lifting height, underground and surface precision, road transportation and depth setting at models 4090 and 4100 is performed once with a button, after that it’s all about your tractor. Hydraulics helping you to adjust desired depth via position setting and soil hardness precision via precision setting are the new reason for your productivity. Seed bed preparation and dibbling operations are easier with functional settings.

Easy Equipment Management

Auto lift enables you to control your equipment easily with a single button without changing depth and precision settings.

Practically Adjusted Side Hanger Arms

Easily adjustable square tubular side hanger arms mean faster changing, setting the equipment used at applications. Problems faced at tension rods with gears aren’t experienced due tubular feature.

Hydraulic Output

Provides the benefit of using your high tech equipment comfortably with 4 and 8 hydraulic outputs. Hydraulic outputs vary by models. Lock pressure is available for models 4090 and 4100.

Robust Draw System

Having solid draw system, Hattat Tarla series provides you with smooth traction on the field and road. Driving on inclined roads and lands is safer for you with the option of adjustable draw system.



Maximum Comfort - Perfect Vision

You won’t get tired during long working hours with comfortable and adjustable driver’s seat, and get to the fresh atmosphere you’ve always imagined via wide driver’s cab. Working with any type of equipment will become easier via perfect vision.

Enjoyable Drive with Ergonomic Gear Shift Levers

Enjoy working without getting tired even during long working hours with gear shift levers designed ergonomically and enabling smooth gear shifts. Position of gear shift levers doesn’t disturb you and provides a comfortable working area.

Control Levers and Dashboard Facilitating the Control

You can easily control any detail of the tractor with user friendly and elegantly designed dashboard.

Adjustable Steering Wheel for Comfortable Drive

While adjustable steering wheel allows for setting its height per your driving position, user friendly ergonomic design will make you enjoy directing a huge power.

Easy Operation with Soft Pedals

Soft hanger type pedals designed not to tire its user are placed optimally for driving position. Tractor operation has never been so easy, convenient and comfortable as is with the HYDRAULIC CLUTCH pioneering the domestic products.



Performance Enhancing Weight Distribution

You’ll get superior traction and maximum productivity with the Hattat 4000 series having perfect weight distribution as a result of excellent design by Turkish engineers.

Front and Rear Weights

Meeting all your expectations… Your traction performance is always at top levels with the perfect front - rear weight distribution for your operations requiring extra power.

Lower Distance

If you want to work without damaging your product, all you need to do is to have "Hattat Tarla Tractor" with high under body distance.


Providing perfect weight distribution, wide wheelbase at Hattat Tarla series models provides maximum traction.

Wide Track Width Alternatives

With various track widths, Hattat 4000 series provides the most ideal option for your works.



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