295 / 305 / 398

295-305-398 are among the preferred tractors with superior performance. Comfortable driving and compatibility with terrain conditions and high maneuverability in the field are the biggest reasons for your preference.

Extensive service network and spare parts options are among the factors that affect the preference.
We will continue to offer power, economy, ease of use and superior performance to the user with these models where the harmony between the gearbox and the engine is at an excellent level.

295 / 305 / 398
295 / 305 / 398
295 / 305 / 398
295 / 305 / 398
295 / 305 / 398
295 / 305 / 398
295 / 305 / 398 295 / 305 / 398 295 / 305 / 398 295 / 305 / 398 295 / 305 / 398 295 / 305 / 398



Powerful and Long Lasting Perkins Engine

Technological and quality Perkins engine is market’s attraction of Turkey and the World. High performance and trouble-free operation are combined in Perkins engines. Perkins engines, which minimize maintenance costs, run hundreds hours of perfectly.

Maximum Performance - Minimum Fuel Consumption

The Hattat 200 Heavy Duty series tractors are powered by Perkins engines, one of today’s most technologically advanced engines. The engine which is offering high performance at all engine revs, it offers maximum performance in applications requiring high horsepower and torque.

High Performance Environmental Engines

Thanks to the fuel cooler that allows the fuel to burn more efficiently, it consumes less fuel and minimizes your operating costs. The engines with Stage 3A features protect the environment without sacrificing performance.

High-capacity Fuel Tank & Easy to Clean Air Filter & Air Compressor

The large and ergonomic 125 lt fuel tank allows you to work long and without interruption. With the compressor, you can quickly and easily clean the dry type air filter, which is easy to maintain, to improve engine performance and achieve maximum performance for a long time.

Synchromesh Gearbox

The synchromesh structure facilitates gear shifts and the helical gear structure ensures that the gearbox operates silently. Heavy duty front and rear axles deliver high performance in all conditions

Wide Speed Ranges

The classic 12 forward and 4 revers gear box with Hi-Lo offers the best speed options for your transport and agricultural applications. Your works have been made easier, faster and less fuel consumption.

4WD & Differential Lock

With mechanically controlled 4WD and differential lock, all wheels move together, providing superior traction and comfortable driving.

Everything is Under Control of You.

Multi-disc and oil-bath type brakes provide excellent braking and safe driving, so you can feel more in confidence your equipment and transport jobs.

Front Axle System

The heavy-duty front axle system, developed and produced by Hema, an organization of Hattat Holding, always offers superior traction on the field.

The LS (Limited Slip) system improves the ability to hold the tractor on the field and on the road, ensuring that the engine torque is uniformly transmitted to each wheel under difficult road and weather conditions.



Efficient Operation with 2 Different PTO Speeds

These models, which are heavy duty group, have 540 and 1000 PTO. You can easily use your equipment, which requires power and economy, under all conditions and save on fuel in this way.

Three Point Linkage

With a 4000 kg high lifting force, it is easy to work with equipments of the field segment equipped, which is need extra power.

Hydraulic Adjustments to Increase Productivity

Hydraulics helping you to adjust desired depth via position setting and soil hardness precision via precision setting are the new reason for your productivity. Seed bed preparation and sowing operations are easier with functional settings.


The Auto-Lift makes it easy to control your equipment without changing the depth and sensitivity settings with a single button.

Link Arms & Hook Type Lower Arms & Hydraulic Top Linkl

With easy-adjustable hanger lift arms and hook-type lower arms, it has never been so fast and easy to connect and setup your implement. With the hydraulic top link, you can save time by adjusting the equipment without having to leave the tractor.

Auxiliary Hydraulic

8 auxiliary hydraulic outputs, it offers the advantage of using all kinds of high technology equipment easily. With the selector valve application, the oil flow rate is always high, so your use of the equipment is always easy.

Robust Towing Devices System

The Hattat Heavy Duty Field Series with a robust towing system offers you smooth traction on the field and on the road. With the adjustable towing system it is safer for you to drive on sloping roads and on land.



Perfect Visibility

With its comfortable and adjustable driver’s seat, you will catch a spacious environment that you have always dreamed of with its spacious drive cabin that will not tire you through long working hours. It will make it easier for you to work with any kind of equipment with a cabin with excellent visibility.

Enjoyable Driving with Ergonomic Gear Levers

Designed ergonomically and with gearshifts that offer easy gear shifting, you can work tirelessly even during long working hours. The positioning of the shift levers over the right side allows you to master the tractor.

Easy to use Control Levers and Instrument Panel

With user-friendly and stylishly designed instrument panel, you can easily control every detail of the tractor.

Easy to Use with Soft Pedals

The soft pendant type pedals, are positioned optimally according to the driving position.



Front and Rear Weights

Meeting all your expectations… With excellent front-to-rear weight balance for your jobs which is needed extra power, your traction performance is always on top level.

Ground Clearance

If you want to work without damaging the harvest, all you need to do you have to have the "Hattat Heavy Duty Tractor", which has the high ground clearance.


Heavy Duty front and rear axles are positioned at ideal distances to provide maximum traction.

Track Width Alternative

We provide the ideal track widths for every type of work in every field.







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