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Hattat Field series is at disposal of our farmers with maximum performance under severe conditions. 

The Perkins engine known for its quality and durability generates maximum performance and saves fuel. The long wheelbase assures excellent weight distribution and improves traction. Offers most suitable speeds for field works and transportation operations through different gear options.

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A 110
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Strong and Long Lived

State of the art and high quality Perkins engine is popular in both Turkish and World market. High performance and problem-free operation combined at Perkins engines. Minimizing your maintenance costs, Perkins engines run hundreds of hours without any problem and without any maintenance.

Maximum Performance - Minimum Fuel Consumption

Hattat field tractors are fitted with Perkins engines, one of the most advanced technological engines of the modern day. Live at all revolutions, the engines offer maximum performance for your applications that require high horse power and torque. 4-cylinder Perkins engines are also cost-effective as it uses the fuel very efficiently during transportation and field work.

Environment Friendly Engines with High Performance

The Turbo Intercooler system that causes the diesel fuel to ignite more efficiently consumes less fuel thus minimize your operational costs. The engines with Euro 3 feature are also environment-friendly without losing any performance.

High Fuel Capacity & Easy to Maintain Air Filter

High and ergonomic fuel tank volume of 115 liters offers a long and uninterrupted work. You can improve the engine performance and achieve maximum performance for longer durations by cleaning the easy-to-maintain dry-type air filter in a practical and swift manner.

Full Synchromesh Transmission

Fully synchromesh structure facilitates gear shifts and the helical gear structure assures quiet operation of the transmission.

Broad Speed Options

You will enjoy all of your works by virtue of 16 forward, 8 reverse and 12 forward 12 reverse gear options that offer the most convenient field and road speeds for your agricultural and transportation operations.

Easy Gear Shifting, Both Reverse and Forward

The shuttle (back and forth) unit enables you to shift the movement direction of the tractor with a single lever; it is practical during shipment and loading and for field works and offers the opportunity to save both fuel and time.

Differential Lock

The 4x4 differential lock, which is pushbutton operated in 12+12 gear option and mechanical lever operated in 16+8 option models, assure that all wheels act jointly, providing superior traction and comfortable drive.

You Have The Control

Multi-disk and oil-type brakes assure excellent braking and safe driving. You will feel safer by virtue of the 4-wheel braking system at 12+12 gear option (button operated 4WD).

3-Piece Front Axle System

The three-piece front axle system developed and manufactured by Hema A.Ş., a sister company under the roof of Hattat Holding as Hattat Tarım, offers swift and economic maintenance opportunities.

The LS (Limited slip) skidding prevention system instantly and equally distributes the tractor’s weight to each tire at rough terrain conditions and steep upgrades, thus protects the balance and prevents rollover.



Effective Work with 2 Different PTO Speeds

Double-speed tail axle operates independently and presented as standard option at all models. You will improve your efficiency and save from fuel by using the 540 revolution option at the applications that require high power, and by using 540E (750) revolution option at the PTO applications that doesn’t require high power.

High Performance Operation with Less Fuel

Take the opportunity to operate your equipment requiring extra PTO power with the increased torque PTO feature presented optionally with the lowest fuel consumption and the highest performance.

Strong Hydraulic Arms Supported by Auxiliary Cylinder

High lifting capacity facilitates working with equipment that requires power. The performance of the hydraulic lift is further enhanced through auxiliary cylinders, providing the opportunity work with all equipment with maximum performance.

Practical Adjustable Suspension Arms

Easily adjustable side suspension arms facilitate replacement of equipment used at the applications and calibration of settings more swiftly.

Durable Traction System

Hattat Multipurpose Series offer safe and problem-free traction with its durable traction system. You can drive safely at rough terrains and challenging road conditions by virtue of adjustable traction option.

Hydraulic Output

Quadruple hydraulic outputs enable you to use your state-of-the-art equipment with ease.

Hydraulic Settings Improving Efficiency

The hydraulics assisting you to adjust the desired depth through position setting and soil hardness sensitivity through sensitivity setting are the new found reasons for the efficiency. Planting and harvesting operations are easier with functional settings.

Easy Equipment Management

The auto lift option enables you to control your equipment with a single button without changing the depth and sensitivity settings.



Maximum Comfort – Excellent Visual Angle

By virtue of the comfortable and adjustable driver’s seat, you will not get tired during long working hours and the spacious drivers cabinet will provide the capacious space you always dreamt of. The excellent visual angle will facilitate working with all kinds of equipment.

Pleasant Driving with Ergonomic Gearshift Levers

Enjoy working without being frazzled even during long working hours by virtue of the ergonomically designed gearshift levers offering easy gear shift. The position of the gearshift levers does not bother you and offer a comfortable working space.

Operating Arms and Instrument Panel Facilitating Control

You can control each detail of the tractor with ease by virtue of the user-friendly instrument panel with elegant design.

Tilt Steering for Comfortable Drive

The tilt steering option will offer the possibility to adjust the height of the steering wheel according you your driving position and you will enjoy steering a great power with the ergonomic design facilitating use...

Easy to Use With The Soft Pedals

The soft suspension type pedals designed in such manner to avoid user exhaustion are placed in the most adequate manner according to the driving position.



Performance Improving Weight Distribution

You will have outstanding traction and maximum efficiency with Hattat Field series which offer you excellent weight distribution.

Higher Traction with Front and Rear Weights

It meets all your expectations. Improve the traction performance by using additional weights for your works requiring extra power.


Hattat Field Series offer maximum traction by virtue of wide wheelbase assuring excellent weight distribution.

Bottom Distance

If you wish to work without damaging your crops, what you must do is to purchase a “Hattat Field Tractor” with high bottom distance.

Wide Variety of Track Width Options

Hattat Field series offer the most ideal option for your operations with variable track widths.



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